Cover Letters

Broadcast Letters – General Tips

  • Try to get as much information about the company by doing research through the Internet, business directories, newspapers, professional organization/publications, by visiting the employer or by telephone or email.
  • During your research try to get the name of the person to whom you should address the letter, if at all possible. Address the letter as you would for a general cover letter.
  • Mention the job title or area of work for which you would like to be considered for. Try not to be too broad as the employer may view this as not having a career goal or that you are desperate for just any job.
  • Let the employer know why it is you would like to work for them and what about the company that you like. Doing your research shows initiative and willingness to learn.
  • If you are unable to find information, or find only a little, let the employer know that in your letter. At least the employer knows you made an attempt.
  • As you would in a general cover letter, state the qualities/skills that you have to offer to their company.
  • Close the letter by stating how and when you will follow-up with the employer. Do not leave it up to the company to contact you!

Follow-up Your Letter

Whether you are contacting the employer to discuss future job openings or responding to a specific advertised job, you should make an attempt to follow-up with them.

  • If possible phone the employer three days to one week after sending out the letter and resume.
  • If you do obtain an interview, write a thank you letter afterward.

Follow-up after sending a broadcast letter is especially important because if you fail to do so, the employer is most likely to remember you in a negative way, or not at all.