Follow-up Letter After an Interview

Always send a thank you letter to the interviewer(s).
A good follow-up letter would look something like this:

Your Name
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Company Representative
Company Name
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Dear Company Representative,

It was a pleasure meeting you this morning and discussing the aims of your company. I am grateful for the time you spent in outlining the priorities of the position.

I have reflected on our conversation regarding the basic requirements of the job and my experience and abilities. You indicated that the position requires an individual who can juggle competing deadlines while meeting demands from various staff. My experience at XYZ company gives me the confidence that I can successfully meet such a challenge.

It is my firm belief that I will be a valuable asset to your company, and I know I would enjoy being part of your team. As we discussed, I will follow-up with you in five days if I have not heard from you regarding your hiring decision.

Sincerely yours,

(your signature)

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