Expanding Your Network

Sample statements that you can use to arrange help from your contacts:

To a friend or acquaintance:

  • “Have you heard of any job openings, and can you let me know if you do?”
  • “Do you know of anyone that I could talk to about working in your industry/field?”

To a close friend or a person with an important title:

  • “Can I use your name as a reference when I am filling out applications?”
  • “Could you write me an open letter of recommendation addressed: To whom it may concern?”

To someone who works in your field:

  • “You have been working in the same type of job for which I am looking, so you probably know what is happening in the department “
  • “Do you know anyone leaving their job?”
  • “Do you know of any companies or places that might have an opening?”

To someone who works where you would consider working:

  • “Is this a good place to work? “
  • “Are there any openings where you work?”
  • “Is anyone leaving your workplace?”

How Can You Expand Your Network?

  • Become active in community events and organizations because they provide you with a great opportunity to network and get to know new people.
  • Get involved in a professional or trade assocjation. Their meetings or other events are good opportunities for you to network with people in your field.
  • Take a class or course in something that interests you. It is important to get out and talk to people to develop your conversational and social skills.
  • Use the Internet to keep current on industry/business news.
  • At all times, try to be friendly and helpful. You never know what will happen.

The first step to a good job searching strategy is research

Sources of career and employer information:

  • Libraries and community based employment resource centres for books, directories, magazines, as well as Internet terminals
  • Literature from the company’s public relations department, or annual reports
  • Company Web sites and job searching Web sites