Following Up Network Leads

After initial networking efforts and research, it is time to introduce yourself and get more information about possible job openings.

Cold Calls

  • Many people are uncomfortable about telephoning prospective employers
  • Cold calls are an important tool of the job search process
  • To get an interview it is important to be prepared and organized
  • Even if the company is not hiring you can gain valuable information about:
    • what is happening in the industry
    • what skills and abilities the potential employer is looking for
    • when the employer will be hiring

Networking by Phone

  • Most people you call will be happy to help you
  • Remember that they may not have a lot of time – keep it brief and direct
  • Write out a script ahead of time to practice what you are going to say
  • Remember that you have nothing to lose by calling a potential contact
  • It will get easier each time you make a call
  • Think of it is preparation for a potential job interview

Sample Guide for making a networking phone call

"Hello, Ms. Clarke, my name is Sarah Le Blanc. Kelly Sutton suggested I speak to you about a possible career opportunity that is available within your organization.

I am a human resource clerk with three years experience and am currently looking for work.

I’d like to meet with you next week for about 15 to 20 minutes to learn more about your organization. Would Thursday afternoon be convenient?"

Networking by Mail

  • Developing a networking letter is a good idea for contacting potential employers
  • The letter should be brief and to the point
  • It is an advertisement of your skills and experience
  • Use your own personal letterhead and make sure you include your telephone number
  • Remember you want to research companies with potential job openings
  • Always follow-up the letter with a phone call