Resume Writing

Resume Formats

There are three different types of resumes:

  1. Chronological
  2. Functional
  3. Combination

Choose the best format to highlight your experience and skills; one will
suit your situation more than another will.

1. The Chronological Resume

  • the most popular format
  • straightforward and easy to write
  • highlights education
    and employment history starting with most recent and working
  • illustrates continuous periods of employment
  • highlights progression
    in career
  • places emphasis on your job titles, company and
    date of employment


  • frequent job changes and employment gaps become apparent
  • does not allow a worker to build on their transferable skills
  • may be difficult to point out a worker’s accomplishments in their career
  • not the best format to use for first time job-seekers

2. The Functional Resume

  • emphasis is on what you can do
  • good format for workers who have had many different jobs in short spans of time
  • highlights skills, accomplishments and abilities
  • good format if you do not have job-related experience
  • it downplays the emphasis on employers, positions and dates


  • can be confusing and less factual
  • less popular in today’s job market

3. The Combination Resume

  • a combination of functional and chronological formats
  • highlights your accomplishments, past employers and steady work record
  • minimizes any gaps in employment
  • the most useful and flexible format
  • illustrates worker’s most relevant skills and accomplishments in a logical order


  • tends to be longer in format
  • it downplays direct experience with specific employers