Virtual Training On Demand (VTOD)

VTOD, a division of LCHRAS Inc. offers a host of courses including a full range of computer training in Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 as well as soft skill professional development workshops. VTOD provides training opportunities to small and medium sized business (SMB) and larger corporations at affordable rates.

VTOD Delivery Methods

VTOD delivers training programs that match your training goals, learning style, and budget.
Our professional instructors deliver authorized curriculum in our classrooms, in your classrooms,
through the internet, and virtually. We will work with you to choose the delivery method that best suits you.

Customizable Training

Every organization has different training requirements. VTOD offers customized training solutions that align to your business or individual requirements. Contact us for details!

On or Off-Site Training

Sometimes the cost of sending everyone to a training event can be prohibitive. By hosting your own training event, and booking one of our certified instructors, we can provide you with attractive group rates.

Authorized Course Material

At VTOD we are dedicated to excellence. We insist on using only approved and authorized training materials.

Certified Instructors

All of our courses are taught by certified and experienced instructors. Therefore you can be confident your employees are receiving the most up to date materials available.

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